Second Breakfast: The Lego Movie Is Perfect


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SecondBreakfast-01 The few, the proud, the “those with nothing better to do” among you probably know by now that I always begin my articles with a completely pointless introductory paragraph before I approach my obligatory plot summary. Not this time, folks. I’m reviewing The Lego Movie this week and I cannot postpone my excitement. I’m getting it out in the open right now: The Lego Movie is perfect. If you disagree with me, then you are wasting your time in reading this review. Go read a book. If you agree and desperately need your opinions validated by an unpaid internet movie critic, read on, dear friend. If you haven’t yet seen The Lego Movie and need a reason to do so, you’re in luck.

The Lego Movie (2013)


The Plot: Emmet (Chris Pratt!) is a regular, ordinary, unassuming Lego minifig living a regular, ordinary, unassuming life in a Lego City…

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Forget paint and canvas. These artists use cells, proteins, tissues and DNA as their raw materials


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Art-01a-victimlessleather “Victimless Leather” was an art project by Catts and Ionat Zurr, who use living tissue as their medium of choice. In this case, they grew a miniature coat of cells inside a custom-made perfusion chamber; the project was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


SuperCellswebSuper Cells is the new TED Book by Nina Tandon and Mitchell Joachim, who take us on an eye-popping tour of the tantalizing array of inventions already being created with nature’s elemental building block, the cell. They argue that we’re entering a new technological revolution, one in which we can create smarter technologies by making cells our partners in design. In the excerpt below, Joachim explains why life provides such a compelling material for artists forging the brand new field of “bioart.”

By Mitchell Joachim

The old adage that art imitates life has been officially subverted. Now art literally is

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